Apr 10, 2024 2 min read

A Mexican American's Adventure from Mexico City to New England

A personal adventure from Mexico City to New England, exploring family ties, cultural wonders, and the taste of rediscovery.

Providence, Rhode Island
Providence, Rhode Island

Hi everyone! I am Sebastian Garrido, an avid traveler and a copywriter/marketing specialist at Vibe Adventures, an online travel agency specializing in adventure and cultural travel in Mexico and Latin America, based in Mexico City. Today, I'm sharing with you one of my latest traveling experiences.

So, a few months ago, I was feeling depressed and out of place, I wasn't feeling at home anymore in Mexico City. As a Mexican American citizen, I have a few benefits, one is that I have family across the US. So, I decided to visit my cousin in Providence, Rhode Island.

Now I've never been to RI before, nor Massachusetts (more on that later). So, I called up my cousin and we organized dates for my visit, and I told him that I wanted to go to NY and Boston. One of the coolest things about RI, it's that it is somehow "in the middle" between Boston and NY so, you can get by train easily. So I packed my things.

I got up early to catch a flight to Houston since that was my connecting flight between Mexico City and Boston. My time was limited, I only had 40 minutes for my connecting flight, and I wasn´t going to make it. The Customs line was huge, and they were very slow. Fortunately for me, my Boston flight got delayed so I had time even to have "breakfast".

I got to Boston in one piece, because my flight was so turbulent I thought we were not going to make it. My cousin greeted me and off we went to the train station. 30 minutes later, we arrived in Providence. I loved it immediately, the architecture, the "old" and peaceful feeling, and the warmth of the people.

I was starving, and I had been airborne all day long. We went to a zone full of restaurants and businesses near Brown University, we got Chinese food, and it was delicious. I was excited to explore Providence the next day solo because my cousin had to work but we would meet afterwards in the afternoon.

Sadly, I woke up and rain was pouring all over, fortunately, it stopped in the next two hours. Off I went to explore providence. It was magical and quaint, and the food was top-notch!

Over the next day, we went to the surrounding areas in Massachusetts, like Seekonk, Oakland Beach, etc. I wanted Five Guys so badly because they're my favorite burgers in the world. In Oakland Beach, we went to Iggy's, the lobster roll and clam cakes were to die for!

I wanted to visit NY City, I haven't been there since I was a child and of course, it was amazing as always. I made my must-stop at Katz's, the best sandwiches ever! I've never been to Boston, so we went there on my last days.

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