Writing Guidelines

Hello there, and thank you so much for your interest in contributing your stories to The Traveler. We’re delighted to have you!

Here at The Traveler, we specialize in publishing first-person travel narratives. Typically, we steer clear of guides, travel tips, or third-person articles. Such content often feels impersonal and redundant since similar information is readily available online. However, compelling and unique exceptions are always welcome.

Our primary interest lies in your personal stories and reflections about your travel experiences. We’re not looking for mundane blog entries, detailed itineraries, academic-style reports, simplistic dictionary definitions, or the repetitive "and-then and-then" narratives. Instead, we encourage you to be imaginative, informative, and engaging with your well-crafted stories.

  • 🚢 All travel advice should be based on your personal experiences. 
  • 🚂 We require that our travel writers provide their own photographic evidence. 
  • 🤖 We DO NOT accept AI-generated content. Be aware that we use AI detection tools, and violators will be addressed and potentially removed from our platform.

Please note that due to a high volume of submissions, we now limit story lengths to a maximum of 2000 words. This helps us feature a diverse range of voices and encourages concise and powerful storytelling. We strongly advise that you submit no more than three (3) stories per week.

💚❤️Increasing your chances of approval:

Personal travel narratives that resonate with our editorial tone will have a better chance of being featured. For inspiration, consider our list of featured stories.

Requirements: As part of our commitment to authenticity, we are focused on keeping AI-generated content out of The Traveler. Going forward, every submitted article must revolve around a personal story that connects to the topic at hand.

Even if you’re sharing packing tips, include personal anecdotes about how specific items were beneficial during your travels. If you prioritize healthy eating on the road, share a story about locating a unique vegan eatery or bringing along a homemade picnic to enjoy in nature. If you have insights on traveling with children, recount your experiences and what you did to ensure a pleasant journey.

Use the SEO settings menu on the top right side; write an excerpt which will appear below your title in the publication; access the Metadata settings to input your Meta-title and Meta-description. Ensure to upload at least one main photo by clicking the plus (+) add Feature image. Complete your author profile with your name, photo, and bio.

Incorporating your experiences into helpful articles not only benefits others but also makes the content more relatable and human. We appreciate travel stories of all forms—whether it’s about the meals you enjoyed, the transport mishaps you encountered, the natural sites you explored, or the wildlife you observed.

Other Important Suggestions:

While not mandatory, we HIGHLY recommend the following for a professional-looking article: Use a Title, and if appropriate, include H2 and H3 headings (highlight your subtitles and chose the apropiate headings, the big H is h2, the small H is h3; easy, no?).

Increase reader engagement by linking to other related articles by fellow writers of The Traveler. Use your own images, as this supports the authenticity of your narratives and helps counter AI-generated content, which often relies on stock photos.

READ OTHER WRITERS' ARTICLES! Engaging with other writers boosts interaction on your own stories.

Mandatory Requirements:

Failure to meet these standards will result in article rejection: Your article should range from at least 750 to 2000 words. Utilize the excerpt feature (accessed via the settings menu icon on the top right side) to write a brief introduction. Avoid using ALL CAPS in the title. Incorporate your own photographs, including at least one main image. Complete your author profile with your name, photo, and a brief bio.

Happy traveling and writing! ❤️❤️

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