Jul 6, 2024 3 min read

An Incredible, Astounding Travel Experience in the Enchantments

A breathtaking journey through the Enchantments in Washington that tested my limits and brought me a new perspective.

The Enchantments in Washington, a region containing beautiful alpine lakes surrounded by snow capped mountains.
The Enchantments, Washington

Before I tell my story, let me preface this first by letting you know that I am not an experienced hiker by any means. I work out here and there, but I'm not really the type to spend my days outdoors.

Yet despite being a novice, I found myself hiking the Enchantments in Washington last summer, a long hiking adventure that left me battered and bruised, yet at the same time changed my life for the better.

An alpine like in the Enchantments, a 18-mile hiking trail in Washington
The Enchantments are a region in Washington state's Cascade Mountain Range with hundreds of alpine lakes!

The Enchantments is an 18-mile trail, filled with majestic beauty that will leave you speechless. There are endless crystal-clear lakes with boundless waterfalls, beautiful alpines, and herds of calm mountain goats passing by everywhere. It's straight out of a fairy tale, and I never imagined that I could experience heaven on earth like this.

A mountain goat grazing near an alpine lake in the Enchantments in Washington.
Mountain goats are found casually grazing everywhere.

This trail was a testament to my character. Typically, you have to win a camping permit through a lottery system to stay overnight at this destination. Because we didn't win a permit, we had to hike the whole trail in one day, starting at 4 AM.

It was extremely challenging for me, starting with hiking 7 miles with 4,400 elevation just to reach the first lake. One of the hardest parts was Asgard Pass in the middle of the trail, which rises 1,900 feet in less than a mile. I was just climbing straight up a mountain under the hot, blinding sun.

Even worse than Asgard's Pass was walking back to our car in the dark at midnight, having no service, unsure if we had gotten lost and were going to get kidnapped in the woods.

A girl climbing up Asgards Pass in the Enchantments, Washington.
Climbing up Asgard's Pass was awful. And also terrible. But worth it!

But I made it back alive, thankful to be blessed with one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever seen! If I, an average person with a moderate amount of fitness, with no special skills or talents to really write home about, can do this hike and experience this magic, anyone can do it too.

An alpine lake in the Enchantments, Washington.

Regardless of your activity level, I encourage you to get out and see the world. In fact, why not go see this majestic place for yourself? It may push you to your limits, but it's a sight that is worth every step.

If you enjoyed my story, feel free to check out my website Mappingthesoul.com, where I share other travel stories and tips! See you out there!

An alpine lake with various trees and mountains surrounding it in the Enchantments, Washington.

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