Jun 17, 2024 3 min read

Cambodia Will Move You To The Core

Ta Prom Temple, Cambodia (Circa late 12th early 13th century)
Ta Prom Temple, Cambodia (Circa late 12th early 13th century)

The humility and genuine kindness of the people in Cambodia will leave you reflecting on your own core values and your deep purpose. It will challenge you to ask the deeper, and sometimes more difficult questions, about how you have been living your own life.

The Ankor region of Siem Reap gives you a history lesson that will leave you in awe, shatter your heart and teach you the true value of life, all life and not just 'your' life.

In the western world, there currently is this wave of becoming 'spiritual'. It is the core essence of who we are and somehow in the developed countries have moved away from. As a result, we have in become disconnected with our own deeper selves and what it means to be alive, I mean really alive.

It is places like Cambodia that will teach you through experience. There is no book that can take you anywhere close to how much Ankor will move you to the core. The stories from the locals are heart wrenching with horrific experiences of their recent history. They will leave you shattered with how cruel the human race can be. Yet the humbleness and hospitality of the Cambodian people will touch the core of your heart.

Although the country has been devastated by war which left it depleted economically, their longer history is rich. The Ankor region will leave you with nothing but awe. Temples and a city rich with architecture, spirituality and culture. You can feel the ancient civilizations of this land in the atmosphere.

The temples talk to you. They tell you stories of a land where endless possibilities were available. Walking through these majestic sites will ground you, awaken your soul and help clear you from your worldly attachments.

It is in this clearing, you start to appreciate everything about this precious thing called life, history, people, and particularly nature. We have stepped so far away from nature in our modern world. Yet in Ankor, you see this ancient world integrated with nature.

The famous Ta Prom temple will leave you captivated and yearning to return. It is a clear example of how nature will stay alive, keep growing, and how, without her we cannot exist. The ancient trees in the temple have grown into the temple and it is the trees that have kept the temple standing, holding up the walls and the temple itself.

There is a peace like no other that you will experience whilst exploring the ancient temples in the Ankor region. It is a peace that talks to you in silence. It is the language of the heart, of the soul. And when you connect to this message, you will find inspiration for life, for your goal and for your overall purpose.

This profound experience will leave you yearning for a purpose that is more gentle and that will benefit all rather than yourself only. It will humble you and reunite you to life, to all life - people, animals, plants and the whole of nature.

An experience so deep. Cambodia is not just a 'holiday' it is more than that - it is a journey to a deeper connection to the core of who you truly are. It is a story of a people. It is a journey to an ancient world. It is an experience of spirituality that cannot be read or learnt from a book but one that has lasted centuries, have lived beyond wars and has survived so that it can be experienced.

Through this experience it will teach you and grow you and expand you. You will become more connection, grounded and gentle. One visit will change you forever.

Suzana Mihajlovic, Founder & Lead Success Coach, Your2Minds Pty Ltd, www.your2minds.com

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