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Debt-Free Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Options

the Naturist Wedding
Credit: Bridal Guide

Naturist Wedding/Nakation Vacation Honeymoon

Hi Travelers,

As we're just about in June, and June is considered The Wedding Month, thought I'd share info regarding the Naturist Wedding option!

There have been news stories about underwater weddings, and  “I dos” pronounced mid-air while skydiving,  but one yet to be reported on wedding that’s definitely no frills and easy on the budget – and perhaps a picture of how it was for Adam and Eve, is a nude wedding.

For many naturists, the best way to be joined in holy matrimony is to do so in their most natural state, as they were born – nude. 

Fiscally it also makes perfect sense, as it avoids having to shop for a wedding dress or rent a tuxedo.  Many brides wear flower wreaths or short tulle or birdcage veils and carry a floral bouquet, while many grooms opt to sport a cummerbund and bow tie. 

The American Association for Nude Recreation ( is home to clubs and resorts throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally, available for accommodating nude weddings.  AANR clubs have not only hosted nude weddings and vow renewals, there are also members within the Association who are ordained ministers and licensed to perform the nuptials. 

The wedding album is clearly unlike any you’ve seen before.  And as the numbers of people who enjoy nude recreation continues to grow, so too does the number of couples who are enjoying this freedom combined with marital bliss.

AANR resorts are also great naturist honeymoon venues too. AANR members believe for a happy marriage, couples should spend as much time together in their birthday suits. Yes, nude when possible, clothed when practical. Because when you disrobe, you shed all the tension and anxieties of the everyday world. You are happier and freer. 

This feeling carries through into your relationship, encouraging you to be honest and caring with your spouse. So start your new married life honeymooning at a nudist Resort or RV Park/Campground in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Internationally.

And it won’t break the bank.  The average couple spends around $5,700 on their honeymoon.  But a Nakation (nudist resort vacation) honeymoon will cost less than half that. Additional savings will be enjoyed by not needing to buy a honeymoon wardrobe, plus everything you pack will fit in a carry-on saving airline checked luggage fees. 

Not sure where to go? Visit AANR’s club and resort locator site at for the perfect honeymoon spot in the sunbelt, on an island, in the desert or mountains.

You know that wonderful feeling you have by taking off your shoes after a hard day at work? Well your whole body will enjoy that same sense of freedom and relaxation, once you arrive for your Honeymoon Nakation. And sharing that feeling with the one you have vowed to love is a dream come true. It’s especially poignant for second honeymooners seeking to rekindle the flame of their original honeymoon. 

Go to any nudist resort and you will meet very happily married couples and people in committed long-term relationships who will share their stories about marital bliss as a full time or part time nudist. If you really want a happy marriage, get rid of the clothes, and enjoy life together nude as much as possible, starting with your honeymoon.

Naturally yours,

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