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Discovering Sunset Crest, Holetown Barbados

Holetown Beach - Barbados
Holetown Beach - Barbados

By Lucy Bridge, Operator of Villa Sunnyside in Sunset Crest, Holetown

Welcome to Sunset Crest, Holetown, where we run Villa Sunnyside on the West Coast of Barbados.

In my opinion, Sunset Crest is the island’s best tourist destination for self-catering. This is because in Sunset Crest, property owners and their guests can use a fantastic base camp to explore the beach and surrounding area: Sunset Crest Beach House.

Sunset Crest is made up of about 200 houses and was purpose-built in the 1960s, designed to offer a less costly alternative to the upmarket Sandy Lane hotel. It’s a carefully planned community that is centred around protected green spaces that sit in between each avenue of houses. These parks offer a habitat for local wildlife, including the green monkeys that are often seen in the trees and the gardens of the villas in this area.

These green spaces are great for children to explore, meet and play with other kids.

One of the standout features of staying in Sunset Crest is the access to the Sunset Crest Beach Club. This private facility is exclusively available to property owners and their guests.

The beach house is a 5-10 minute walk from most accommodation in this area and is accessed via a fob entry card. It’s located right on the beach, providing easy access to Holetown Beach. There are supermarkets, restaurants shops and markets within minutes - everything is close by.

The Beach Club features a huge swimming pool equipped with changing rooms and showers and has its own bar and restaurant. The space is perfect for family holidays as you can enjoy all the benefits of a resort (kids meeting other kids and being entertained! beach access, bar/restaurant facilities) without the expense, all-inclusive Barbados resorts will cost a fortune!

What else does Holetown offer?

Holetown has lots of attractions and activities!

The Holetown Monument
The Holetown Monument is right next door to the beach house. It commemorates the landing of English settlers. Nearby, is the St. James Parish Church which is a beautiful building and one of the oldest churches in Barbados. I would also highly recommend Chattel Village for shopping, where traditional Barbadian chattel houses host boutique shops and stalls. If you visit in February, the Holetown Festival is on – there's a full carnival parade with music and food.

Holetown’s beaches are idyllic. The main beach, also known as Discovery Bay, is a picture perfect wide white sandy beach with enough restaurants and bars at the shore to keep you going without spoiling the view!

The nearby Folkston Marine Park is a lovely spot for snorkelling, and if you are in to your water sports you can enjoy jet-skiing, paddleboarding, and boat trips to see turtles.

Shopping and Dining

Limegrove Shopping Centre is a hub for luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment. It features high-end boutiques, restaurants and a vintage-style cinema.

Zaccios provides beachfront dining with a mix of local and international dishes, while Just Grilling offers authentic and cheaper Bajan food. For fine dining, Tides and Paul Owens are two of the best restaurants in Barbados.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Holetown is great at night, the best places to visit are First and Second Streets, where you have plenty of bars to choose from – you have to check out Sunday Karaoke at One Love Bar.

We love Holetown because not only is it beautiful - it has a lot of modern conveniences! The town boasts a big supermarket that so you can easily stock up on essentials. In case of emergencies, there's a medical centre within 5 minutes walk.

Despite the modern conveniences, Holetown retains an unspoiled charm. Once you step into the lush parks or stroll along the beach, you're well away from the hustle and bustle. Holetown truly offers the best of both worlds.

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