I'm trying to talk about the one-day mini-cruise, carried out from the port of Arbatax with Don Vincenzo – Fabatour company!

The port of Arbatax is quite large and offers free parking (in case you are with your own car). We took the Don Vincenzo – Fabatour trip with lunch included! The cost is 65€. Boarding is at 7:45. We chose the perfect day for a sea excursion, previously checking the weather forecasts to avoid rough seas!

The port of Arbatax

The boat stopped offshore to allow us to take pictures of one of the most renowned beaches on the Ogliastra coast - Cala Goloritze - a UNESCO heritage!

Tourists who manage to get there come exclusively on foot, via a challenging path, a journey that lasts about 2 hours! As the guide on the boat explained to us, this hike to Goloritze beach is both agony and ecstasy at the same time!

hike to Cala Goloritze beach

After taking pictures of this famous beach, we made our first stop at the Seagulls' Beach (Cala dei Gabbiani). A beach with small stones and sand, with dazzling turquoise water!

We stayed there for 2 hours! We were the first to disembark there, but right after us, various boats began to arrive carrying tourists, and the beach quickly filled up!

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Bosa is the Sardinian town located at the Temo River’s outlet into the sea, which is the island’s only navigable river.

I must mention that in this area there is a mountain range, the landscape from the boat is magnificent, with cliffs reflecting in the sea, and the small beaches are pebbly, but with incredibly clear and very cold water!

The next stop was optional (for an additional fee of 10€ per person) at the Fig Tree Cave (Grotta del Fico). We chose to visit it, and it was a good decision!

the Fig Tree Cave, Sardegna

Those who did not want to stop here were dropped off at an adjacent beach (Cala Biriala), where they had time to splash around and cool off in the sea while waiting for us!

Let me tell you something about this gorgeous cave (one of the top 5 tourist attractions in Sardinia)!

We had a guide who told us interesting things! For instance, until a few years ago, a few specimens of Mediterranean monk seals (foca monaca) which migrated to this area millions of years ago on glaciers in search of food, were still living in this cave!

Mediterranean monk seals sardegna

Meanwhile, the glaciers have melted, and these seals could not return to the North Pole. Unfortunately, being few in number, they eventually disappeared from this area!

Another interesting story related to these seals, which lived here even in the 20th century, involves fishermen from the island of Ponza who migrated to this coast in search of fish (a beautiful island in the Lazio region, also near the city of Naples).

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We decided to go back and enjoy our vacation in these blessed places.

These fishermen would fish during the day and "store" their fish in nets in the clear, cold waters of another beach—Cala Mariolu!

When they returned to the nets in the evening, they found them empty! They did not understand who was stealing their daily catch! In fact, it was these seals, creating a competition for food between the fishermen and the seals!

This beach is called in the Neapolitan dialect, the beach of thieves (cala Mariolu). The cave is large, does not create a feeling of suffocation, so you should not be afraid to visit it!

There are, of course, stalactites and stalagmites, and at a certain point in the cave, you can also see the sea! This visit is highly recommended!

stalactites and stalagmites at grotta del fico sardegna

After about 40-50 minutes (the duration of the visit), the boat came to pick us up and take us to the beach where the other tourists who didn't feel like visiting the cave had stayed!

Another gorgeous beach with small pebbles, crystal-clear, and azure waters! We stayed there for about 40 minutes, enough to swim and cool off, after which we all boarded the boat where lunch tables were prepared!

We were served appetizers (salami and cheese - pecorino sardo) and typical Sardinian pasta! Everything was very good!

We had plenty of cold water, red wine in a carafe, coffee, and some biscuits for dessert! We ate on the boat stopped offshore, near a part of the coast called Venus' Pools! A very beautiful scenery.

After lunch, we returned along the coast to make the last landing, on Mariolu Beach (thieves' beach). Needless to say, this beach is also gorgeous, with cold, pool-clear water! The beach also had a small bar, where you could buy a refreshing drink or an ice cream!

landing on Mariolu Beach, Sardegna

It's important to note that the boat was equipped with beach umbrellas, an accessory that was provided to us at each landing!

Another technical detail, for those interested in these excursions: make sure to bring sunscreen, a swimsuit, and a beach towel!

After the last 2 hours of swimming, beach time, and relaxation, we boarded the boat! It was 4 PM. We were served watermelon, sparkling wine, and water on the boat! We returned to the port, happy after such an experience which I highly recommend!

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Let’s start with… the drink! With a light, afternoon aperitif, i.e. an Aperol soda – Aperol with sparkling mineral water and ice.

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