Jun 14, 2024 2 min read

July is National Take a Nakation Month

Celebrate Nude Recreation Week, National Nude Day, International Skinny Dip Day this July
Celebrate Nude Recreation Week, National Nude Day, International Skinny Dip Day this July

 Hi Travelers,

Did you know that a ban on nude sunbathing by the Cape Cod National Seashore superintendent in 1974 lead to The Naturist Society (TNS) and American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) organizing Nude Recreation Week?  Now in its 46th year, NRW will be celebrated July 8-14, 2024, with organized activities at nudist resorts and by free-spirited naturists in the comfort of their own home/pool. One highlight of the week is International Skinny Dip Day, observed on July 13 this year.

Not ready to take the plunge at an AANR-affiliated club, resort or campground? Why not take a skinny dip in your backyard pool?  Don’t have a pool?  Then wash the family pet in the nude, scour the shower in the nude, vacuum the house nude, read a book, garden, or enjoy some other activity in one’s own appropriately private setting; or better still, visit a sanctioned clothing-optional beach.

AANR’s Nude Recreation Week gives first-timers a chance to shed stress by giving clothes-free recreation a try without the commitment of membership.  This annual celebration is open for individuals, couples and families to visit one of over 200 clothing-optional and clothes-free clubs affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society, to experience firsthand this growing trend in both travel and recreation. 

Did you know that July is also National Take a Nakation Month?  A Nakation vacation is what naturists take to get away, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the great outdoors clothes-free. And globally National Nude Day is celebrated on July 14, 2024. The day celebrates freedom and the aesthetics of the human body.  This holiday started in New Zealand and from there spread around the world where it’s observed in over 30 countries.

And here’s another bit of trivia for you… Do you know what Lady Gaga, George Washington, Hugh Jackman, Shakira and Ben Franklin have in common? They’ve each admitted to enjoying a good old-fashioned skinny dip.  Movie stars, musicians and entertainers today are openly professing their comfort level getting naked while swimming, cleaning house, and relaxing in their birthday suits.

As espoused by AANR: We all share the common belief that the human form is a gift of nature, dignified and worthy of respect, regardless of shape, size, age or hue and we recognize that body acceptance can be achieved through nude recreation.

To find a member resort in your area and their schedule of events planned for the week (such as open houses, dance parties, sports tournaments, chili cook-offs, bare buns fun runs, health screenings, art shows and more), visit https://www.aanr.com/club-locator/. Parties interested in visiting should call the resort in advance to schedule their reservation.

Oh, and when you celebrate National Nude Day, Nude Recreation Week, International Skinny Dip Day and Take a Nakation Month, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Naturally yours,

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