May 29, 2024 4 min read

New York City, where the big dreams do come true

Suzana Mihajlovic in New York

I have to pinch myself. So much happens between two major trips to New York City. For me, my two trips were almost ten years apart.

I think every girl dreams of going to New York City with her dear girlfriends. It is the melting pot of 'exquisit-ness' in every way. A dream come true for fashion, shopping, restaurants, architecture, theatre, art, dancing with a cosmopolitan, and the constant buzz of busy-ness.

For those of us who were born with the 'itch' for adventure and big dreams, New York City tends to ignite that itch further than you can well those big dreams stirring in your heart.

My first trip to New York City was as a single woman with her girlfriends, the experieince was all that it had promised to be. Girlfriend bonds were strengthened and fun memories that will live a lifetime through each of us.

For me personally, it was a seed planted in my subconscious mind, to not only dream but to go for the big dream that had laid in my heart since childhood. During my first trip to the Big Apple, I made a secret promise to myself. I shared it with nobody and was strictly kept hidden in my heart. That promise was to finally leave the job and pursue my passion in helping individuals and teams achieve their own success, their own big dream.

I had seen and experienced the principles of success throughout my own life. They started with my academic education, my work at that time and also in my areas of my personal life. I had embedded these principles and mastered them through the success I had created at the time in my jobs, my travel adventures, and life overall.

After my first trip to New York City, I intrinsically knew that it was time to take the biggest leap ever. Sometime after I came home from that trip, I left the well paying senior management job and went straight into business. I had never been in business before. For my entire adult life of twenty five years, I had relied on a job to bring me an income. You can imagine how huge the learning curve was for me when I finally bit that bullet and left the job.

However, that secret promise I had made to myself, was kept and New York city came back in a full circle to reward me in an unimaginable way. Almost ten years after my first visit, I was invited back to the city by my dear friend and co-author Makini Smith of our best selling book, Renewing Your Mind. The invitation came unexpectedly, like all beautiful synchronicities do.

I woke up one morning with a message from my Canadian friend Makini asking if I would like to go to New York because our book was going to be featured on a time Square Billboard. Now, who could say "no" to that?

As I stood there in Times Square, New York in January this year, with our book Renewing Your Mind on the big billboard screen, with my dear friend Makini, as well as some of my dear clients (who came to see me in New York), I cannot explain the feeling. I guess 'complete awe' would be the closest way I could explain the feeling of the magic that had transpired since my first trip to this incredible city.

I stood there tears in my eyes. Being on the big screen at Time Square was not a part of that secret promise I made to myself almost ten years ago. Having a top global success coaching company where I helped people be more of their authentic selves and achieving the success in business and life that they dreamt about was a part of that promise to myself. Being an internationally best selling author also was a part of my internal secret promise. Having clients and colleagues around the world whom I adored and respected was a part of it too.

I live, breathe, and am obsessed with helping people achieve greater success (whatever success means to them). That is what I do. It is what I am here to do. And it is what I do best.

I realised at that magical moment standing in Times Square that New York had called me back to whisper in my ear, to shake up my soul and to let me know that you never stop serving and one accomplish a big dream, you set the vision for the next one.

I kept the secret that I promised myself in the soul of New York City ten years ago and New York City had called me back because she had a special reward that I could never have dreamt of back then. The city that never sleeps had once again sprinkled her magic upon my soul.

When in New York my friends, dream big, write your goals down. She will awaken your soul and have you yearning for more. Most importantly, do not settle into the routine when you are back home. Make your dream happen. Who knows where your dream may take you in ten years. Do whatever you can to make that dream happen. And most of all invest in yourself. In my experience investing in travel and mentorship is the best investment you can make.

Suzana Mihajlovic, Founder and Lead Success Coach, Your2Minds

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