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The Adventure of Awakening the Soul

My story is not one that shares advice about a specific place or destination but what travel means to me.

Suzana Mihajlovic
Suzana Mihajlovic

It starts with a journey of a naive twenty-two year old, almost thirty years ago, back in 1995 and it is still continuing to this day.

The awakening of her Soul did not happen by living in an Ashram in an exotic part of India or visiting a spiritual retreat in Ubud Bali. It happen organically and unexpectedly in the hustle and bustle of London. The first major breakthrough from traditional roles and responsibilities of the female destiny in the entire lineage of her ancestors.

I grew up in a traditional Balkan family. We were sheltered in a warm and safe home and our needs were provided for. As a newly arrived migrant family,  our Serbian culture, norms and responsibilities were strong. Education was important and the expectation of completing a University Degree, marrying and raising a family was what had subliminally been instilled in me.

Humble lineage where very few members completed their schooling, let alone complete higher degrees, big dreams and visions were scarce in my family history.

The focus was on raising a family and survival. So, announcing to my mother that I would be travelling to Europe and living in the United Kingdom post University was literally a laughing matter to her. But the deep desire of my heart was not laughing yet was the catalyst that propelled me forward into this so called impossible dream.

Stepping on that plane at the age of twenty two and never having been on a plane on my own, or never having travelled out of the country other than to our homeland of Serbia to visit relatives, was really the adventure of a lifetime.

Yet one I did not know would crack my mind and soul open in ways that I could never have imagined at that time. Being completely alone, I literally detached myself from the roots of having the safety to fall back on parents that would save me if I were to get into a pickle.

Talk about a whirlwind of expansion. Nine months of living and working in the United Kingdom and taking time off to travel Europe was a stretch that the young graduate needed. 

As a young Aussie that hadn’t seen much of the world, the self expansion and feelings of awe seeing Buckingham Palace, making a wish in Trevi fountain and the view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower were all gifts that were etched in my heart forever.

That is not uncommon an uncommon experience for any traveller that is lucky to visit these places.

But for me personally, the growth was extra ordinary. It was rare that friends I personally went to school with in the north western suburbs of Melbourne dreamt of completing University let alone to travel after it so seeing the architecture in Venice, the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, walking ‘Karlov’s Bridge in Prague and other places we had studied in my Year twelve art class was beyond surreal to me.

It was an expansion of the soul, a deeper awareness of our innate spirit and of human potential that came very differently than the expected - through sitting in silence and meditating in a Holy place (although that too would be perfect when the soul calls). 

After traveling Europe and then. Spending months living and working in London, it showed me that any dream can be realised. The girl that was once shy coming from the humble background of traditional roles became unstoppable.

In years to come she became a global independent traveler with passports full of stamps. Although I do not have a ‘favourite’ place. I know one thing for sure is that every trip is a precious gift, every trip expands my awareness, and every trip confirms even deeper that although there is so much beauty in our differences ultimately we are all the same and we are inseparable.

Today, twenty six years after that first trip, I realised that the trip prepared me for my work today. That first trip was everything I teach my clients today and had all of the elements of how to reach a ‘so called’ impossible goal and the immense mind, spirit and personal growth that is inevitable as a result.

Suzana Mihajlovic

Founder & Lead Success Coach

Your2Minds Pty Ltd


“Suzana is one of my top people in the world.” - Bob Proctor

Suzana Mihajlovic, elite level performance and success coach, has had over 30 years experience and expertise in the helping professions, distinguishing her from the ordinary. She has been referred to as the “missing link between success and failure”.

Suzana is one of the very few Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultants that worked very closely with Bob Proctor himself. She is one of his best.

Her international success coaching company, Your2Minds, has clients from every continent (except Antartica). Suzana has helped hundreds of people to breakthrough their barriers and achieve quantum levels of success - both in their professional and personal lives.

She is also a multiple best selling author and holds a number of degrees, diplomas and certificates from a number of different universities around the world.

Suzana is a highly sought out professional in the field of mindset, human potential, success and spirituality. She has led major public speaking events and has also shared the stage with the world’s greatest leader in human potential, Bob Proctor himself. 


Me in Mt Pilatus, Lucerne, Swiss Alps.
Me in Mt Pilatus, Lucerne, Swiss Alps.

What I learnt about:

  • Travelling alone - glad very first trip was with a Contiki tour. Although I have realised I am not a group tour person. During that first trip on my own, it was a safe way to learn about Europe and the UK - what to watch out for and how to get around. I would recommend it to anyone who is travelling for the very first time.
  • Living and working in another country. Putting yourself out there. I thought I would do what other graduates did when travelling and that would be pub work. However, after reading a local paper, I decided to go for a ‘real job’. I became a live in carer with an organisation called Care Alternatives. This was perfect on a number of different levels - I lived with the person I cared for therefore did not have to worry about finding a place to live and paying for rent, it was safe and I developed practical experience in some of the things I had only learnt about via a text book at university.

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