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Ultimate Travel Guide to Rome, Italy - Accommodation Options

Rome must be visited, you won't stay in the room very long, so a good bed, a private bathroom and a terrace/balcony in case you smoke are enough.

Hotel Accommodation Rome, Italy

Accommodation Hotels

If you want central accommodation, you will have almost all the well-known attractions nearby, except for the Vatican and Villa Borghese. This has the advantage that you don't need public transport or a taxi, but the disadvantage is that it's about 200 euros more expensive than areas a bit further from the center. If you choose accommodation further from the center, look for something on metro line B, as it is most convenient for sightseeing.

Pinewood Hotel

Pinewood Hotel is a 4-star hotel, but the conditions are of 5-star quality. It is located in the quiet area of Sacchetti Pinewood, a very beautiful and immense pine forest, just a few bus stops away from the Vatican, and offers 79 rooms, including 25 family rooms, some triple, quadruple, and double, all equipped with a jacuzzi bath or shower, air conditioning, direct telephone line, satellite color TV, and wireless internet.

Completely renovated in 2007, this hotel near the famous St. Peter's district offers a baronial dining room, where various European and American dishes are served, attracting many American tourists. The room price includes breakfast with a rich assortment of croissants and cakes, cereals, milk, and other similar foods.

Additionally, the hotel features a comfortable room with satellite TV from the Sky system, a tea room, a bar, and wireless internet throughout the building, dedicated to business clients, while anyone wanting to relax can head to the first-floor bar terrace with a view of Sacchetti Pinewood and St. Peter's Dome.

The strategic position of this four-star hotel in Rome, located in the tranquility of the pine wood, has excellent connections to every district of the city, only 500 meters from the metro station, and the bus stops right in front of the hotel, combines the comfort of a family-friendly and relaxing environment.

Air conditioning set to an optimal temperature, bathrooms with jacuzzi, color TV in every room, cleanliness and qualified staff who greet you with a smile everywhere.

Spacious parking next to the hotel, improvised with gravel but monitored by video cameras, free of charge.

Hotel Donatello

Hotel Donatello is located 5 minutes from Porta Maggiore and quite close to the major tourist attractions in Rome: 1.8 km from the Colosseum, 1.5 km from Santa Maria Maggiore, 3 km from Piazza Venezia and the Trevi Fountain.

Very beautiful rooms, with typical Italian vintage furniture made of hardwood, and the balcony overlooking the main street with a quaint wrought iron table and chairs. Double bed, a jacuzzi in the bathroom, which is ideal after a whole day of walking around Rome. The rest of the bathroom is made of beige marble.

There are bus stations near the hotel. Also, the nearest subway station is Vittorio Emanuele. In terms of location, it is close to tourist attractions, but there are some drawbacks, such as being located next to an immigrant neighborhood (African-Americans and Indians), where the looks are not always friendly, and at night better avoid walking through that area.

Relais dei Papi Hotel

When it comes to accommodation in Rome, you need to consider the location of the lodging. Hotel Relais dei Papi is an excellent hotel for those who want to visit the city, the Vatican, and also do some serious shopping.

The hotel is located just 10 minutes from the Vatican, about 5 minutes from the Lepanto metro station, which connects you to all the other tourist attractions. Right next to the hotel is the Icoin mall (I hope I remembered correctly), and also nearby is a Carrefour where you can buy various food items if needed, 50 meters from Via Cola di Rienzo (a street with all the shops for those who want to shop) and obviously on the street where the hotel is located, there are plenty of cafes and little terraces where you can have a coffee or something to eat.

The accommodation conditions are very good: rooms are quite spacious, clean, and breakfast is diverse and can be served in a very colorful space (the theme being violet, including the cutlery).

Also, in the hotel corridor, there are two massage chairs that are useful after a day of walking. Next to them, there is a space set up for relaxation, there are playing cards, rummy, and other games that you can use without any problem, a drink dispenser and a candy dispenser. These little things were really useful...

Centro Hotel

The hotel is located on Via Firenze, a small street that leads directly into Via Nazionale, so the location couldn't be better (although there's always room for improvement). Breakfast is served from around 7 to 10, I don't remember the exact times, on the ground floor of the hotel, near the elevator. The waiter, an agile old man who only speaks Italian and Spanish, is very kind and quick.

You can have croissants with chocolate, vanilla, apricot jam, cereal with milk, doughnuts, and about two other types of fresh pastry products, very sweet but also very tasty, coffee, either from the espresso machine on the table or if you want some more complicated coffee you can ask the little agile guy, water, fresh orange and pineapple juice. There are also a few types of salami, pressed ham, cheese, which I wasn't particularly impressed with as they weren't anything special. All in all, the breakfast is decent, the room is clean, the people are calm and friendly, each minding their own business.

From my point of view, you get decent accommodation for the price paid, considering the very good location of the hotel and the fact that it is a 3-star hotel.

American Palace Hotel

From Fiumicino Airport, you can take the Cotral bus to the end near the EUR Magliana metro station, from where you will take the metro Line B for 3 short stops to the EUR Laurentina station, which is also the end of the line. The hotel is about 200 meters from the metro station.

The hotel looks quite nice, it is not too big, and it is located right at the intersection of three busy boulevards, a rather noisy area. It is an older building that I believe was renovated some time ago.

Behind the hotel, there is a very beautiful summer garden arranged, but it was not suitable to go out here on the cool April mornings when we were there.

The room not too large, very clean, with decent furniture, with amenities appropriate for a 4-star hotel. It also has a refrigerator, which was very convenient and helpful for us.

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