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I chose to go to Corfu for the first time. I don't know exactly what attracted me, maybe the pictures, maybe the reviews I read, or maybe the Venetian style of the city.

Arrival and First Impressions

Corfu from airplane at night

The journey itself began with landing in Corfu somewhere around 11:00 PM. We didn't get to see much, but from above as the plane was preparing to land the very beautifully lit city caught my eye.

Obviously after a long journey, the first day was spent at the hotel, for the curious people, Rossis Beach hotel (I recommend the hotel with the greatest love; and very clean).

I've always been able to exchange a few words with the hotel owners, and on the last day, we even sat down for coffee with them; wonderful people.

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The sea and the mountains, I think, make the most beautiful landscape possible. Like any tourist, on the first day we decided to rest on the beach and in our room.

From the first moments, although I tried to go as far into the sea as I could, obviously, sometimes it seemed like I was literally looking for the waves to take me, I felt as if I had arrived in Paradise.

Exploring Corfu

Corfu Town, city centre

The actual trip started from the second day until the last, when we began to explore the island. First, we went straight to Corfu. From Messonghi to Corfu it is about 20km.

However, we decided to try something more exciting and use only public transport this time. Not that we didn't have money to rent a car, but we preferred to spend it on "experiences". Still, maybe it would have been better with a car. 😂

As a city, Corfu catches the eye with its Venetian city style. Beautiful, and slightly crowded. The most famous tourist attractions are: the Church of Saint Spyridon, the Old Fort of Corfu, the Old Town, and the Museum of Asian Art. Last but not least, the Vlacherna Monastery, and just above it, you can take some beautiful pictures or videos and, why not, catch the planes landing.

The less pleasant part, if you choose public transport on the island, is that you largely depend on the bus schedule, and some places are a bit harder to access if you don't have a rented car to get to them, but it's also doable on foot, if your legs are up for it.

Adventurous Days in Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

In the following days, we went deeper into the island, more precisely to Paleokastritsa, where we also tried scuba diving. If you ever get there, I recommend getting in touch with the people at Achilleon Center.

It's an experience that must be had at least once in a lifetime, and for us, they were the right people for it. Obviously, the underwater photos with fish and other aquatic creatures are wonderful memories. The cost is €50 per person, and the scuba diving session, including training, lasts 3 hours.

The training can be conducted in English or French, whichever is easier for everyone. Besides these, the Paleokastritsa Monastery and the Paleokastritsa Aquarium are places that must definitely be visited. The tranquility of the sea seen from the monastery is very pleasant.

However, if you want something more thrilling, you can hold snakes or other reptiles in your hand at the Aquarium. We didn’t have the courage to put snakes around our necks or other reptiles, but to our embarrassment, some kids aged 10-12 years did it, and they were much braver.

The guides are very kind and have a lot of knowledge about each animal there. And after these experiences, we ended the day with a swim in the turquoise waters of Paleokastritsa. Entry is around €10 per person, and a bit cheaper for children.

Culinary Experiences

Corfu seafood dinner

If you want to have a meal in Corfu, you must try the seafood or other specialties. We dined at Fishalida, where we were served with a healthy portion of grilled squid paired with vegetables and pasta with seafood and shrimp.

The price was relatively decent for a meal for 2 people, €39. If you want something sweet, at Mona Lisa L'atelier Del Gelato we found the best ice cream we’ve ever eaten. It's worth a try. P.S.: for the curious, it is right across from the Church of Saint Spyridon.

And in Messonghi, we had dinner at Kostas Taverna, where we obviously chose seafood again and a specific Greek cake, Ravani. Here we were also greeted by a hungry cat wandering around our table, and out of pity, we offered it a piece of octopus. In return, we received a few scratches on our hand from her.

Unforgettable Moments

store in Corfu

The most amusing moment was at a store in Messonghi, where the owner asked every tourist who entered where they were from. Obviously, we didn't escape the question, and we ended up receiving a small gift from him: a few bottles of water to stay hydrated and a bag with several types of cheese he had in the store.

There are many places to visit, but to avoid overloading, we considered these to be the most important.

We tried to visit the Achilleion Palace, but unfortunately, it was still under renovation, and we couldn't see much there.

Other hikes you can take include the Canal D'Amour, the Angelokastro fortress, the Mon Repos Palace (unfortunately, we found this one closed too, but it's also in Corfu), Sidari, Mount Pantokrator, and if you're traveling with kids or have children, you might try the Aqualand Water Park, they're sure to be delighted.

In short, in Corfu, you find pretty much everything you want for any age. In my opinion, one week in Corfu is quite short if you want to explore the island. I think you need at least two weeks to fully enjoy what the island has to offer.

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