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Vienna, Hotel H+, But Where is The Plus

In November, I went to Hotel+ in Vienna. I made the reservation two months in advance when I received an offer for a 3-night stay plus flight with Austrian Airlines. The offer was 550 euros for two people.

H+ Hotel Vienna Reception

Since Vienna is my favorite city, I couldn't resist such a temptation.

We landed in Vienna in the morning and thought to take the train to our accommodation.

From the airport, we had several transportation options: the CAT express train, the OBB train, taxi—we opted for the cheapest, namely the S7 - OBB train which drops us at Prater, and from there we were to take tram 5 directly to the hotel.

We bought tickets for the S7 train from the airport, which cost around 8 euros for 2 people, then we took a 72-hour pass that cost 17.10 euros per person. We got there relatively quickly with public transport.

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Upon arriving at the hotel, we just wanted to leave our luggage and go for a walk, knowing we couldn't check in until after 3 PM, but to our surprise, the room was ready. We paid 360 euros, all taxes and breakfast included.

The hotel is presented as being 4 to 5 stars on some websites. By my standards, it barely reaches 3 stars.

The reception is small and serviced by only one person, and we waited quite a while because there was a system blockage, and the people in front of us couldn't pay by card. We paid cash and took the elevator to the 5th floor.

The room had a street view. You could tell the room had been recently renovated. The white linens were very clean and nicely arranged. The duvets and pillows filled with down were very warm. The large mattress was very comfortable.

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We had one problem with the bed—it was too big. You might ask, so what? Well, I like to sleep on the side with the door, but here, if I let my husband sleep on the window side, he wouldn't have been able to get by.

The distance between the bed and the wall was so small that he would have hit his head on the TV if he had tried to get by there. This time, I had no choice but to take the window side.

On the small table placed next to the window, I found 2 bottles of water, one sparkling and one still, along with two chocolates. I liked that.

On the sides of the bed, there were nightstands and what I would call movable little tables. The room featured a wardrobe containing a safe for valuables and enough space for clothes and luggage.

The bathroom was equipped with white and very clean towels, though somewhat thin from many washings. The shower was spacious and came with shampoo in a dispenser fixed to the wall. On the storage space next to the sink, there was a universal soap dispenser and a hairdryer.

The rooms were cleaned daily, and all towels were changed. There was an option to refuse room cleaning in exchange for a bonus, but we didn't choose that.

Why I said we didn't have the amenities of a 4-star hotel:

  • In the bathroom, we didn't have hygiene items (shower cap, makeup removal wipes/discs, earbuds, toothbrush and toothpaste)
  • We didn't have a refrigerator
  • We didn't have an electric kettle
  • We didn't have a coffee maker
  • We didn't have an iron and ironing board
  • We didn't have clothes brushes or a shoe cleaning brush

Alright, I'm done with the complaints. Let's move on to the nice stuff.

The breakfast was very good, varied, and catered to all tastes. I won't list everything here, but certainly, nobody left unhappy. There were 2 espresso machines with 4 types of very good coffee, teas of all kinds, and 4 types of fruit juices. The apple juice was amazing.

What was also very good and different from other hotels was that in the hot food area, you found some very tasty meatballs alongside delicious sausages.

The puff pastries and cakes were top-notch. In the three days, the menu did not change.

The hotel is very close to the tram 5 station, which takes you directly to Prater, and the tram D station, which takes you to the City Hall.

Apart from breakfast, you won't find any food in the hotel. Nearby, you can find restaurants where locals eat, with very good prices.

Overall, we were satisfied with our stay, considering the price paid and recommend it to those who are not too fussy.

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