Apr 23, 2024 3 min read

Wanna Try a Vacation at a Nudist Beach or Resort?

Here's Some Inside Info to Make you Most Comfortable as a First-Timer.

Nakationers of all ages enjoy naturism and outdoor recreation
Nakationers of all ages enjoy naturism and outdoor recreation

Hi Travelers,

If you’re considering dipping your toes in the waters at a nude beach, or traveling to a clothing-optional resort this year, check out the website of the American Association for Nude Recreation, AANR for short. 

They’ve been around for over 90 years and have a tab on their website of their “Club Locator” to assist you in finding a place that suits your needs and proximity.  There are properties in the mountains, desert, on lakes, the sunbelt and many seasonal properties located in the northern climes.

Check out: https://www.aanr.com/club-locator/ for one that fits you just right.

I’ve been affiliated with AANR for about 20 years and can attest the folks you’ll meet at member clubs/resorts/RV parks and campgrounds are some of the warmest, generous people you’ll ever encounter. 

And there’ll be no pressure to become a full-time member of AANR or the club you visit. The people you meet are simply enjoying the sun and breeze on their bodies while wishing for acceptance as a minority group that celebrate and love their bodies in ways that transcend societal ideals.

If you’re leery about taking a Nakation – yep that’s what a naturist vacation is called – you need to know that it's a misconception that nudity equals sex. The philosophy behind naturism punches through this mistaken belief and disconnects the concept of sex from the state of being nude.

That, however, is not always the case with nudist resorts not affiliated with AANR.  AANR resorts promote wholesome, family-style nude recreation. If you’re looking for a swinging experience, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

For those stressed out and needing to unplug, a Nakation is a great form of digital detox retreat (no pants, ergo no pocket for a cell phone, ha!) where you can disconnect from technology to achieve a period of mental and physical rejuvenation.

As a test, try hanging out at home unplugged and undressed for an afternoon…it amps up the relaxation quotient considerably. So think what a week or weekend Nakation can do for you.

So, on the fence about embarking on a Nakation?  I’ve got a few tips to set you on a path to full enjoyment of your first Nakation experience:

Plan Ahead, Call Ahead. Once you've decided on a club for your first visit, it's always a good idea to contact that club and ask questions.

What facilities are offered? Is it a clothing-optional resort or a clothes-free club? Are there activities for your children? What are their admission and singles policies? Are your pets allowed? Are rooms or campgrounds for overnight stays available? Are reservations required?

Remember, plan your day out, getaway weekend, or vacation as you would any other. The more you know, the more comfortable you'll feel when you arrive.

Each club has its own policies regarding admission, activities, facilities, and the consumption of alcohol. As in any public place, underage drinking and the use of controlled substances are prohibited.

Plan to Go Nude! Although some clubs allow visitors to remain clothed while touring the club as a first-timer, most clubs expect guests to be "clothed when practical, nude when possible."

There will be people of all ages and backgrounds - families, couples, children, young and old - and they will all have one thing in common…they decided to participate in nude recreation.

The benefits of nude recreation are based on acceptance of self and respecting the individuality and freedom of others. Experience life clothes-free and you liberate your mind and body.

 Pack Less! What to pack? A light travel bag containing two towels per person (polite nudist etiquette means that you always carry your own towel to sit or lounge on, and a second one for the pool), sun block, any athletic equipment and shoes you'll need, toiletries, and a cover-up for chilly days/nights or when you've had too much sun.

Leave your camera at home. Most clubs frown on any photography or sharply restrict it to certain areas. In any case, it’s NOT something to bring on an initial visit.

Thanks for keeping an open mind about nude recreation and Nakationing.  I’ll be back with more experiences, tips, benefits, cost-savings info and recommendations soon!

Look forward to hearing from you with questions and comments to this post and future missives, Naturally Yours!

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