But it also means that more and more people are interested in this destination. Egypt has fantastic tourist potential, without a doubt, and everyone should get here at least once in a lifetime. And let's admit, besides all those attractions, Egypt is one of those destinations accessible to us, both financially and in terms of distance.

But still, when to go to Egypt?

Is it still beach weather in December or not? Is it too hot in August, or is it bearable? Next, I will try to clarify the situation with temperatures and possible precipitation in Egypt, so, I hope, it will be easier for you to choose the right period.

Egypt is a fascinating country with a history of thousands of years and a culture so rich in traditions and customs. Anyone should get to this unique place at least once in a lifetime, to discover extraordinary places and landscapes and enjoy a few days of splendid weather, archaeological sites, sunny beaches all year round, delicious food.

Is it possible to visit Egypt on your own? Definitely, yes!
Are you better off, from a tourist point of view, if you travel to Egypt on your own? Personally, I tend to believe not, but let’s dive into my story.

But before you book your flight tickets, there's a very important aspect you need to consider: the weather.

Egypt has a desert climate in the south and subtropical towards the north
The climate is desert-like in most of the country. The sun shines all year round, and precipitation is almost non-existent. Yet, the climatic differences from north to south are sometimes significant.

On the Mediterranean coast and in the Nile Delta, the climate is subtropical, with average temperatures of 16°C in winter and 24°C in summer. Precipitation is low and mainly falls during the winter, if we can call it that.

The further south of Cairo, the gradually changing climate, and the temperatures will be significantly higher, with almost no precipitation. Here we will experience a tropical-desert climate.

Although the southernmost Egyptian city is Aswan, it's not the hottest. Luxor is the hottest city in Egypt, where in summer, daily temperatures exceed 50°C. So, prepare for literally scorching days, with sunscreen and always something to cover your head.

What’s it Like with Internet in Egypt? Wi-Fi or Roaming?
For most of us, just the thought of being without internet for even a few hours is terrifying. And when we travel, we want, more than ever, to be constantly connected.

I was in Luxor in April last year, and at noon, through Queen’s Valley, it was simply unbearable. You couldn't walk anymore; I think it was over 40 degrees, the sun was terribly scorching, and there was no shade to hide.

The Red Sea resorts enjoy an excellent climate all year round, which is perfect for tourism.

Thus, there's never an off-season here, whether it's summer or winter, it's always beach weather. It would be really unlucky to get caught by rain on the beach. The first time I went to Egypt, in January, I encountered torrential rain, flooding the hotel.

Another time, also in January, I had beautiful weather, perfect for sightseeing and the beach. But I also had the misfortune of strong winds, a sandstorm, and almost no beach days.

In January, the weather is somewhat more capricious, and you risk, especially if you go specifically for the beach. The sea can be quite cold, good to choose a hotel with a heated pool. However, the winter months from December to early March are perfect for visiting.

So, when to go to Egypt?
If you're worried about extreme heat during the summer, when temperatures soar above 50°C, then avoid going to Egypt in June, July, August. If you want to combine activities, have beach days, go on a desert safari, and also visit attractions like the pyramids or the Valley of the Kings, then aim for the spring-autumn months.

From my point of view,

The perfect periods to visit Egypt are between March-May or September-November
Even early December, although... the wind starts to pick up.

In November and April, I had perfect days in Egypt. Even in March, it was super good. I'm referring here, especially for beach weather. Both in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, daytime temperatures hover around 30°C, maybe more on some days.

You can't stay out in the sun all day long because you will bake, but a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon are more than enough.

If, on the other hand, lazing on the beach is not one of your objectives, and you instead want active days to visit everything that can be visited, aim for the winter months.

You will thus avoid those scorching days, when you won't be able to walk in the sun during the day, as well as the tourist crowds from the high season. Even prices are somewhat lower in the winter months. I've been a few times in January, sometimes even had temperatures of 25°C, but also experienced rain or strong winds.

Is it beach weather at Christmas or not?
It seems that many travel agencies from here and all over the world have organized holidays or tours during the winter holiday season to Egypt. Many of them are a mix of circuit, arriving in Cairo where the city and, of course, the pyramids are visited, after which it goes towards Luxor and Aswan, and at the end, a few days of rest by the Red Sea.

And from what I've noticed, many people will go to the warmth during this period. It must be quite interesting to spend Christmas with fish and seafood instead of stuffed cabbage rolls and sausages, and to have the New Year's Eve catch you on a beach.

I haven't tried this variant yet, but I'm considering it for next year.
Update: I spent the holidays in Egypt, without sausages, stuffed cabbage rolls, sweet bread, etc... and it was perfect.

Because I replaced them with a lot of fish and seafood, but also super fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits. And I even sunbathed; by New Year's Eve, I was already well-tanned. 🙂

So, is it or is it not beach weather at Christmas?
To give you the most accurate answer, I checked the forecast, and it seems to be good! Around Christmas, it's about 24-25°C. New Year's Eve seems a bit cooler, just about 18-20°C. But even so, it's not bad!

The hottest months in Egypt, with daytime temperatures over 40°C: June, July, August. These months are to be avoided in my opinion. It's just too hot! Especially if you go with the family, with small children.

The coolest months, with temperatures of 17-18-20°C: December, January, and February. And I'm not saying they should be avoided, they are just right for visiting.

The best months to go to Egypt are: March, April, May, September, October, November.

I personally have been several times in January, once in March, and in November, and it was good. I've also been three times in April. The best was in November, when it's also a good fishing season, but also in April.

Therefore, a perfect weather differs from one person to another. Each of us goes for different purposes and thus, we will perceive the weather differently. Before deciding on a period, think carefully about why you want to go to Egypt and see which period would suit you.

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