Apr 29, 2024 3 min read

Here’s to Getting Lots of Value from your Active Nakation Vacation

I’m back with a few more insights into the “value” of taking a Nakation vacation to a clothing-optional/clothes-free resort or campground. And when I say “value,” I mean VALUE!

Everything you need for a Nakation Vacation fits in a backpack
Everything you need for a Nakation Vacation fits in a back pack.

The Savings will Surprise and Delight You

Hi Travelers,

First off, you can take the sting out of the increased baggage fees airlines have imposed this year (depending upon the carrier, a first checked bag is charged between $30 and $75), because you won’t need more than a carry-on for a Nakation vacation.

No surprise, everything you need will fit in your under the seat carry-on space. One of the reasons for these fee hikes is that luggage kills fuel economy, which is why checking it on the airplane costs you.

You will travel light on road trips too. Did you know an extra 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces your car’s fuel economy by 2%? Those taking a Nakation vacation are able to pack less and travel more, unencumbered with heavy baggage.

Wanna Try a Vacation at a Nudist Beach or Resort?
Here’s Some Inside Info to Make you Most Comfortable as a First-Timer.

Another big plus: you won't need to shell out money for a vacation wardrobe! Some sun protection garments, i.e. hat, sunglasses, cover up, sandals, sunscreen and a couple of beach towels will do you just fine.

Of course, the ladies are always welcome to accessorize with jewelry, hair ornaments, sarongs and such.

Throughout North America, prices at nudist clubs/resorts and campgrounds are very affordable and can range from $50/night for camping/tent facilities to $200+/night at all-inclusive resorts, and every price range in between. 

To find a property in the US/Canada/Mexico/Caribbean visit the website of the American Association for Nude Recreation: https://www.aanr.com/club-locator/.

Now once you get to your destination, what’s to do?

While skinny-dipping/swimming and tennis seem to be among the sports most often associated with nude recreation, many clubs offer a variety of leisure activities to accommodate the interest of nudists young and old, active or passive.

Swimming pools and lakes are commonplace, but visit a club in your area, and one is bound to find sports such as volleyball, golf, pickleball, badminton, bocce ball, shuffleboard and hiking/nature trails. Others also offer fishing, boating, full-scale exercise rooms, basketball courts, croquet, table tennis and spas.

Cycling and camping are also among the most popular activities enjoyed by nudists. At most facilities these activities can be enjoyed at no additional charge or for a minimal fee.

Oh, and for those who are wired to enjoy competitive sporting events, AANR Clubs have activity calendars full of 5ks, volleyball tournaments, naked bike rides and more, so you can schedule your visit to coincide with these happenings.

Then there’s the 46th Nude Recreation Week July 8-14 when lots of activities are on-going, including International Skinny Dip Day. And, in light of the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, many Clubs are organizing their own small-scale events this summer. Should be lot’s of fun in the sun; stay tuned…  

Yours Naturally,

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